Water Damage Cleaning Repairs

Water Damage Cleaning Repairs

Water Damage Cleaning Repairs

76% of water damaged devices have been repaired!

If your mobile device has been damaged by water or any other liquid, we can help. First of all please turn OFF the device. For unresponsive iPhones, hold power and the home button for around 5 seconds until the screen turns black and then let go.

If your phone is not an iPhone and you can remove the battery please do so - if your phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6 please hold power and home until the phone switches off.

Sony Xperia with none removable batteries usually have an off button where the sim card goes.

We can try to help in the following situations:

  • Splashed by liquid
  • Left in the rain
  • Dropped in water
  • Drinks spilled on the device
  • Used in the bathroom

Our water damage cleaning is a service and not a repair and whilst we will try our best, approximately 76% of devices can be saved.If we cannot repair or revive your phone, we can help set up your new phone. Please ask for details.